Why sell by Auction?

We do all the Advertising
Access to more buyers
Buyers compete for purchase giving you the best price
No dealing with calls, emails, questions, people coming to your home
Stay anonymous 

After you have looked at our items, examined and asked questions you are ready to bid. There are three ways to bid to bid at Van Herk Sales;

1) In person, on the day of the Sale (Live Sale)
2) Online
3) Absentee Bid (Both Live and Online Sale) 

 Bidding in Person (Live Sale)
On the day of the sale, follow the procedures for bidder registration. If you are a new client, you will be asked for a drivers license. The office staff will fill out a bidder registration with your name, address and will give you a bidding number. 
When the lot that you wish to bid on comes up simply raise your bidding number so the auctioneer may acknowledge your bid. 

 Online Bid 
Click on the link for Current Sale.  Pick a Login and Password.  Fill in the Registration information.  You need a Valid Credit Card information in order to bid however we do not charge your purchases to your Card unless you choose this option or do not pay within the 1 day pay period (This site is PCI compliant).  
Bids will begin to close at the allotted time starting with lot #1 and following in sequence, time will be extended per item if bids are placed within the last 10 min.  
You will receive an email showing your bidding status at the end of the sale followed by an invoice.  If you do not receive this invoice please contact us as soon as possible.  
Payment and increment information is available under Auction Details.

 Absentee Bid (Both Live and Online)
If you are unable to make the sale you can fill out the absentee bid form below. Van Herk Sales will bid on your behalf. Simply decide on your maximum bid for a particular lot and complete the absentee bid form. We will attempt to buy the lot for you at the lowest price possible, and never for more than the maximum amount you have indicated. 
We require a $500 deposit or your maximum bid if under a $500 item to secure your absentee bid. If you are successful in your bid the deposit will be used towards your purchase, if you are not successful in your bid the deposit is refunded to you. 

 Terms of Live Sale
The Purchaser agrees that he/she has no right to take possession of any lot until payment has been made in full.  
Terms of payment are as follows:
a)         Purchases under $500 must be paid in FULL on the day of sale
b)       Purchases of over $500 a minimum $500 non-refundable CASH deposit must be paid to the Auctioneers on the day of the sale. 
c)       The balance owing must be paid the next business day after the Auction Sale.  Payment of the balance due will be accepted by CASH, debit, certified funds, electronic transfer, or Credit Card (2% surcharge on Credit Cards).

Bid prices do not include GST or Admin Fees.  The Purchaser agrees to pay 5% GST on the purchase price.  The Purchaser also agrees to pay 5% GST on the buyer’s and Administration fees.  

 Administration & Buyers Fees

 Administration Fee (apply to all items)
$1 - $499 10%
$500 - $4999 5%
$5000 - $39999 2.5%
Maximum $1000 per item

  Purchase with Confidence

Every vehicle sold at auction is checked against being stolen, or having an outstanding hire purchase agreement against it or if the car has ever been an insurance “total loss”, which may , or may not, have been declared at the time of sale.  A ‘buyer’s fee’ is charged for this checking service which ensures that the buyer has an absolutely clear title to the vehicle.  

Reserve Prices

Reserve prices are set by the consignor and are seldom a reliable guide as to the items actual worth.  It is quite usual to see items sold well below the reserve price depending on the financial circumstances of the consignor.  Often too, a desirable item will bring in excess of the reserve price due to demand for the item at the time.  Please remember that every bid we record is submitted to the consignor, who makes the final decision.  The auctioneer will try to negotiate a sale between the consignor and highest bidder after the sale if reserve is not met.  Sometimes, an auctioneer may make a discretionary decision on whether or not to sell a unit in the auction ring depending on how close the bid is to the reserve set.



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